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Fix My AC & Heating strives on educating business owners and homeowners on how any why a HVAC component has failed and provide tips and maintenance programs to prevent unexpected, inconvenient and costly repairs. We also upgrade entire heat pump or air conditioning systems that reduce energy consumption resulting in lower utility bills! Thanks to our founder, Shawn Goerndt, who opened Fix My AC & Heating  for business back in early 2015, his mission has been to provide the highest quality technical service based on scientific facts, without gimmicky sales tactics. Fix My AC has evolved from one tech in a truck running his office out of a one car garage in 2015. Now its 2018 and we have earned over 600+ annual  maintenance customers that agree, Fix My AC & Heating has San Antonio’s best team of HVAC experts they trust to do the job right, every time! From our office manager, Melissa Goerndt, and our customer service representative, Rayna, in the office ready to cater service calls to your convenience. Once your appointment is booked your call is dispatched our service technicians, Shawn or James will send you a text notification alerting you when we are 20-30 minutes away. At this point consider your AC FIXED! Our trucks are fully stocked so unless you need a specialty part, most repairs can be done onsite in one visit! As A 20 year HVAC veteran, I have had the pleasure of serving San Antonio and surrounding counties with Heater and AC service all these years! No repairs will be performed without homeowners consent to perform work with our simple flat rate pricing! From residential split Air Conditioners or Heat pumps, to industrial 20 ton commercial packed AC systems. Fix My AC & Heating are truly your experts for one stop shop on HVAC needs at your business or homes. We are also proud to be a part of the NEWS4 annual ACs for SA! That’s our way of giving back to our community every year by providing HVAC services for San Antonio residents without AC. So if you think your AC or Heater needs fixing, call us today so we can give you a honest professional opinion from our skilled techs! We also fix and/or replace metal & fiberglass ductwork to achieve ultimate airflow balance throughout your conditioned space. Thanks San Antonio for choosing Fix My AC as your Heating and Air Conditioning service experts!